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Arrows Up Containerized Delivery Solution

ShaleTECH provides last-mile transportation and logistics using the  Arrows Up system, a patented last-mile containerized proppant delivery solution, to transport bins from terminal to well. The Arrows Up solution does not require specialized transportation equipment; drop deck or step deck trailers can be used. Typically, the Arrows Up semi-custom “Prop Trans” trailers are used for max payload, and when combined with the Arrows Up Jumbo or Jumbo XL Bins, have an industry leading capacity of up to 48,000 lbs.

The bins are offloaded in less than ten minutes,creating major logistics efficiencies and cost savings. The bin-to-blender solution is revolutionizing the delivery of frac sand by significantly decreasing demurrage and NPT and eliminating the need for pneumatic trucks.

  • Eliminate demurrage
  • Reduce NPT
  • No need for pneumatic trucks
  • Silica dust reduction
  • 20% more capacity
  • Up to 13% fewer truck trips

For more information about the Arrows Up bin-to-blender solution please visit the Arrows Up site.

About Last Mile Transport

In the oil and gas sector, last-mile logistics means the delivery of proppant (frac sand) from transload facilities to well sites.  Last-mile transport represents the final critical link in the supply chain from sand mine to well site. With the demand for proppant rising every day oil and gas companies are looking for turnkey solutions that offer efficiency and cost savings.

ShaleTECH Fleet

ShaleTECH Transport operates one of the largest oil field transportation fleets in North America. We have dedicated assets to meet the customer’s needs and the ability to scale up quickly to meet demand in any basin. Each crew is allocated between ten and fifty trucks depending on the length of the haul and production intensity. ShaleTECH is well positioned to make investments in additional assets to align the company’s growth with the industry’s demand for integrated last-mile logistics services.

  • Optimized chassis – purpose built to carry Arrows Up bins
  • Light weight sleeper cabs – maximizes sand per load