Mission Statement

The mission of ShaleTECH Transport is to achieve the highest standards in protecting the safety and health of our employees, our contractors, our customers, and the people of the communities in which we operate.

Safety First

Our Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) score is something we take seriously at ShaleTECH Transport. We spend the time to train every employee on CSA scores, what they mean to ShaleTECH and how their actions contribute to our overall CSA score.

Every employee plays a vital role in total safety compliance. At ShaleTECH Transport, we carefully select our drivers based on their individual safety records, and qualifications and we routinely conduct well site checks to ensure compliance. We believe that investing in our greatest asset is extremely valuable, training creates driver loyalty and increases driver retention and builds a culture of safety.

Driver Onboarding

Every driver, no matter how experienced, is required to participate in our extensive new hire orientation and onboarding process. We want to ensure that every employee is set up for success right from the start.

  • Defensive Driver Training
  • CSA Scores are a Team Effort
  • Accident Policy and Procedures
  • E-Log Compliance
  • Hours of Service Compliance
  • Fit Testing and Respirator use
  • DOT regulations

 Training & Certification

  • SafeLandUSA-PEC Safe Land
  • Fit Testing
  • DOT Physical

Driver Vehicle Safety Checks

At the start of each shift every drive conducts a pre trip inspection on their equipment and at the conclusion of their shift they are required to complete a post-trip inspection.

We routinely conduct well site checks to ensure safety compliance and provide peace of mind for our customers. Here are just a few of the items we review during the well site checks.

  • Truck/Trailer inspections
  • Proper PPE
  • Medical Cards DOT Compliance

Lytx an in-cab computer system allows us to reduce costs associated with collisions, claims and more. It’s a key factor for improving driverbehavior and exonerating innocent drivers. Maintaining and developing safe drivers reduce risks and costs to our company”
Chad Hall, Vice President, Safety & Compliance

  • 93 Units installed to date
  • Coaching drivers via DriveCAM events