1845 Oil Field Services History

The shale revolution was launched when hydraulic fracturing was combined with horizontal drilling in the Barnett Shale. 1845 was founded to support that innovation and the opportunities it provided.

Since hauling its first load of frac sand as D&T Trucking in 2008, 1845 has evolved into one of the largest proppant transportation, freight management and logistics companies in North America. Headquartered in Weatherford, TX, 1845 provides solutions in the oil field and commercial bulk industries using a comprehensive and sophisticated one-call operations center dedicated to optimized, efficient planning of freight.

  • 2008 – D&T Trucking was founded
  • 2014 – 1845 was formed from the merger of D&T Trucking, Rowdy Farms and Gila Hotshot
  • 2016 – Started the commercial bulk services division to handle industrial commercial customers’ raw material needs
  • 2018 – Partnered with OmniTRAX to form ShaleTECH

Today, 1845 coordinates millions of pounds of sand and other materials into the oil field and commercial sectors annually.

OmniTRAX Energy Solutions History

OmniTRAX Energy Solutions (OES) provides The Whole Mile Solution to the North American oil and gas industry. Delivering cost cutting mine-to wellhead logistics services through a robust network of railroads and terminals and a patented last-mile bin-to-blender proppant delivery solution.

OES collectively handled over 2.1 million tons of sand in 2017, and is trending at over 3.1 million tons in 2018.

  • 2016 – Acquisition of Sanjel assets, three strategically located terminals; Bainville Terminal in the Bakken, Big Lake Terminal in the Permian and the Cotulla Terminal in the Eagle Ford
  • 2016 – Acquisition of Arrows Up, bin-to-blender proppant delivery solution
  • 2018 – Joint venture with 1845 Oil Field Services last mile transportation provider to form ShaleTECH Transport

Through a joint venture with 1845 Oil Field Services OES also offers dedicated in-basin transportation and logistics management. As a vertically integrated logistics partner, OES is redefining proppant logistics by extending beyond the last mile.